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Carquest Corporation is an American automotive parts distribution network that is currently owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts via independent retailers associated with the network. As of October 4, 2014 Advance operated 5,305 stores, 109 Worldpac branches. Advance Auto Parts and CARQUEST Auto Parts employs approximately 75,000 Team Members.

According to SDLGBTN NEWS back in 2012 CarquestAuto Parts stores in the San Diego area agreed to pay a $242,715 judgment after being accused of charging customers more than the advertised or posted price on items when they were scanned at check-out counters. After customers complained to authorities, an investigation was jointly launched by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. The case was filed in San Diego Superior Court. The case alleged CARQUEST stores in California charged customers more than the advertised or posted price on items in violation of unfair competition and false advertising laws. In addition, inspectors observed in eight stores that the cash registers failed to display the price of items where the consumer could see the display, which is a violation of state law. There was no admission of wrongdoing or liability by CARQUEST, which cooperated with prosecutors to reach a stipulated judgment. The case against CARQUEST was based on inspection reports from 10 California counties as well as consumer complaints about overcharging. In San Diego, the County Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures inspected local CARQUEST stores.


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Former Employee - Manager says

"They over work you, fall short of their promises, treat you poorly and manage to has no clue what the hell goes on at store level."

Former Employee - Repicker says

"Management treats the work place like a prison. The supervisors are hired within which means no new fresh ideas and they are already corrupt. Some of the supervisors are really close friends outside of the work place which in my opinion is a conflict of interest. Mandatory O/T is never announced until Friday after lunch."

Former Employee - Supply Chain says

"Bought by Advance Auto, Losing business to NAPA"

Former Employee - Countere Pro says

"You are a retirement I got nothing, not a card, nothing.... but the worst was when I lost my son and when I returned to work and realized no one had been told."

Current Employee - Wherehose Cust Service says

"Let’s see bad management, playing favorites pay was bad Over a year I got a 10 cent raise u get sick and vacation days but don’t use sick days cause they don’t except a doctors note"

Former Employee - Manager says

"everything wrong with upper management"

Former Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Administration was very unfriendly and rude"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very low pay compared to all competitors higher management don't listen to suggestions"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"It was a struggle with what they were willing to pay."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"low pay, never saw upper management" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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